Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Info for meribeth

yo meribeth this is specially for u, here's what im thinking for the makeup looks. you should be able to click on any of the images to make them bigger

1-Black and White (images 1,2,3 for eyes, 4 for lips)
Heavy black on the eyes, coming towards the nose bone extending right to the eyebrows, with eyebrows thickened towards the center. Perhaps some contouring under the cheek bones to sculpt face more and give a heart shape. Lips very bare with a light staining in the centre, i want to be able to see the creases in the lip texture. Or instead of the really dark eye, depending on what you think would suit the model best, perhaps look to image 3 where the lid is white and the top crease heavily outlined in black with lots of black underneath to shape the eye.


Im thinking a clean face with very little make-up, perhaps even erase the eyelashes with a white mascara or eyeliner (ill go searching for some white eyestuff) and then a bold popping lip colour
and this is the girl that will model, she doesnt wear any make-up so i think we can really transform her face with these looks, especially with the blind contacts too! For hair im not very creative with that but i know i want something that will flow in the air so im thinking to just leave it natural, but im open to suggestions

Saturday, 27 February 2010


Erykah Badu is a sick ting, straight.

Saturday, 6 February 2010


Oi baz, I edited some of your images from time ago that happened to be on my computer, do u mind if I use them as part of my portfolio? the first picture is a sick ting.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Been taking more practise photos, this time in the studio! omg Larry + a studio = never thought it would happen, but anyway decided to give it ago with some more ideas of things to put on kaishia for our photoshoot. So Sanam wrapped in black meshy but not fake chiffon stuff with wire mesh over her face

click for larger size

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


  • an outfit for kaishias shoot
  • doing kaishias shoot
  • shopping with my nan in portobello on friday
  • going out with kaish, emma and kaysi on saturday
  • hearing about kaysis life
  • seeing precious on sunday hopefully
  • getting involved with waynes film project
  • getting invloved with kaysis film stuff
  • successful interviews!


This shoot is hella pretty, if reading serves me right its from this months issue of Interview magazine with that gaunt model Sasha Pivovarova, anyways im loving the white with all the busy drawings in blue, green, yellow and pinks. Id love to have loads of plain white furniture and give the fam all rainbow pens to jazz up my room. anyways it reminded me of a page from my wee sketchbook where i played around with food dyes and inks and the tissue that i used to dry the wet paint brush actually turned out prettier than the drawing

the cyan-indigo-violet-pink-red-murky yellow-green on soft tissue is so pretty methinks, thats all.


Barcelona was fun, the kingston people are cool and im alot more pleased now i don't feel so tied down to 1 group of people there, i can drift about everyone, sorta. But in no way does it compare to holidays with the fam, (spain year 9 remains my favourite holiday, Croyde, Portugal). So I took my camera with me, not the chunky beast of a D90, but my Fuji, which i have to mention, why the fuck does it only take pictures at 72dpi ? i mean i can barely tell the difference but i feel like im being conned (side note: how do u spell coned? conned? just doesnt look right) So here's my favourite pictures from Barcelona (i posted them on fb, but fb is gay, so ill post them here too)

1- some big fancy house designed by Gaudi, everything in there has round edges, its nice, but i was more interested in the chandelier / 2- in a train station, i love the kind of photos where it looks like ur peering into someones life, plus the colours help / 3- beach, the sun was going down the the waves were bad ass at this time / 4- some fat street where there was water features on the road, the sun as so nice that day / 5- i have a thing about trains, they just look really cool to me, especially these fancy spanish trains we werent even supposed to be on and almost got lost in barelona with.